Fish in Parchment Packets


Every weekend, I write out a menu for our dinners for the week and a grocery list for all the ingredients I’ll need to buy at the grocery store.

Sometimes I’ll leave this list on the counter. If Chris comes across this list, he will always add things to it-“steak,” “Chunkies,” and [Click to continue…]

Shrimp Scampi Pasta


This recipe brings me back to my college days.

I lived in the dorms for freshman, sophomore and half of my junior year. Therefore, I took full advantage of the dining hall for all my meals and never cooked a thing. Our dining hall was great. There were so many choices and all [Click to continue…]

Honey Dijon Cedar Plank Salmon


How was your weekend? I played single lady while Chris was out-of-town for his annual golf trip.

That means I got to eat whatever food I wanted without worrying whether he would like it or not.

I got to watch as many episodes of the Real Housewives of (insert city) as I wanted [Click to continue…]

Crab Imperial {Happy Birthday, Mom!}


Today is a very special day. It is my mom’s birthday! After loosing her earlier this year, today seems bitter sweet. We can celebrate her and her time here on earth, but we can’t celebrate with her. And that hurts. She was such a wonderful woman. She was so happy and full of life. [Click to continue…]