My Foodie Christmas List

In blog-land, I am totally late to the party (story of my life…).  Christmas in the blogosphere starts the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes before.  So, with only 20 days until Christmas (seriously, how did THAT happen?), I think it is about time we get some holiday spirit around here. 

Without further ado, I present:

Christmas list

Just a few cool gadgets, tools and experiences that I would love to see underneath the tree come December 25th!

Stocking Stuffers

OXO Good Grips Measuring Cups: Ok, so I definitely have plenty of measuring cups, but this set comes with a 3/4 cup and 2/3 cup measurement!  How cool is that?  So convenient and with all the baking I do around the holidays, these would be such a time saver! 

An Egg Slicer: How do I not have one these?  I was talking to a friend about buying mushrooms already sliced since they are so much easier, and had a lightening bulb moment that I could zip through a huge pile of mushrooms in no time with an egg slicer…the only problem is that I don’t have one!


New Baking sheets: The ones I have now we received as a wedding gift 3 years ago.  They are in desperate need of replacement!

Silpats: Same as the baking sheets.  The ones I have are showing their age. 

Silpat® Baking Mat


A Glass pitcher:  Perfect for serving juice or making a cocktail!  Again, something I can’t believe I don’t already have!


Le Creuset Dutch Oven:  This is such a splurge, but it is the “Mac-Daddy” of kitchen cookware, so I would love to have one.  It is such a versatile pot and the quality is unmatched.  Totally on my wish list.


A Vitamix Blender: The blender of all blenders!  This would make smoothie making a dream-no more frozen banana chunks!


A cooking class at The Kitchen Studio: Christine offers innovative and creative classes like Seafood Extravaganza!, Makin’ Bacon!, or Basic Cheese Making just to name a few.  I think these sound like so much fun and would love to take one (or all) of them!

Taste Frederick Food Tour: Having just moved to this city over the summer, I am slowly working my through the many, many restaurants there are to try!  With a Taste Frederick Food Tour, I would get to try a bunch of them all in one afternoon! 



What is on your foodie Christmas list?

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