Peach Week!

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This is the peach tree that is in our backyard.  It is a small tree, and there is only one.  And as you can see, there are peaches on it!  Well, there were.

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Until I picked them all.  So what is one to do with a lot of peaches all at once?  

Make a bunch of peach themed recipes and share  them with the world during what I am deeming “Peach Week!”

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I have plenty of fun, peachy recipes for you this week.  And they are all great for summer and inspired by this beautiful orange fruit.

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The peaches we get from our tree are all pretty small, so while this may look like a lot of fruit, you would probably need at least 2 of these peaches to equal 1 regular sized peach.  I tried to make these recipes using “cups of peaches” instead of number of fruit, but I would say that 1 regular sized peach = 1 cups of peaches.

So, to start off, we are going to talk about peeling peaches.  Am I the only one who gets a little freaked out by the fuzzy skin?  peel peaches (1024x681)

Yea…we are just going to rid of that right now.

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First, cut a small “X” shape in the bottom of all your peaches. 

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Then, just toss the peaches in boiling water for 20-40 seconds.  The riper the peach is, the less time it takes. 

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After you have blanched them, put them in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking and cool the peaches down so they are easy to handle.    The skin should just slid right off. 

If the skin still isn’t coming off, you can try blanching the peach for a nother 20 seconds or so.  If that doesn’t help, then your peach probably isn’t ripe enough and you don’t want to eat it yet anyway.

So that is the start to peach week!  All our recipes this week involve peeled peaches, so this is a step you definitely want to get down.

Check back later today for my first peachy recipe!

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