Resolution Updates

First, let me apologize for the lack of food/recipes this week!  I think I burned myself out a little with all the football foods last week and getting ready for our party.  That, combined with a lack of natural light pretty much anytime I am home except for the weekends (therefore making decent photos a near impossibility!), leaves me with little nothing to share.

No fear, I will be back with some Valentine’s Day recipes for you next week.

I wanted to check in today and update anyone who might be interested in my progress on my New Year’s Resolutions.

I think checking in monthly will help to keep me accountable, even though I haven’t made as much progress as I had hoped on some of them.

1) Be healthier and lose some excess weight.  I would give myself a “C” for this goal.  I started off (like most people) very motivated, eating extremely healthy, and exercising 5 days a week.  And then (like most people) that motivation started to wane.  Over all, I have exercised more in the last month (+ 1 week) than I had the 6 months prior, so I think that is a success.  I haven’t seen as much progress on the scale as I had hoped, so therefore I give myself a middle of the road “C.”  I think I need to eat more Vegetable Soup and less Steak and Cheese Wontons.

2) Learn to use my dSLR camera.  I think a solid “B” for this goal.  While I am no where close to actually knowing how to use my camera, I have been trying a lot!  All the pictures in my recipe posts since the beginning of the year have been taken on manual mode.  I am learning a lot more about the settings and adjusting them on my own, so that is a huge step!  My two mini-goals for this were to spend 30 minutes a week with my camera and to follow along with this 31-day series on taking better photos.  I would say I have spent at least 30 minutes with my camera, but not above and beyond my pictures for my posts.  And the first step out of 31 is to read the manual for your camera…which is just not an exciting read. I may have to skip this step if I want to have any hope of moving on to the next steps this year.


3) Cook with one new food each month.  Earned my “A”-I made roasted purple potatoes!  Not an “A+”, because honestly this goal was to encourage myself to try more adventurous foods, and potatoes are not at all adventurous.  I saw them at the store, and decided to pick them up.  They taste just like regular potatoes, but the purple color was really fun!

4) Read at least one book a month.  Umm…”D.”  I started Consider the Fork, I started God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for our Time…I started reading the manual for my camera…but I didn’t finish any of them.  I think maybe I need a good, fast moving fiction book to really get going on this goal.


So, overall, I think I deserve a “C” for my progress on my goals for the year.  Hopefully I will be checking back in a few weeks with a much better update!

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  • Dale

    Your food photos are definitely getting better. It’s cool that you can use the manual settings. Have you seen the pic that I took of you photographing Bruce while he is cooking at our last group meeting? I put it up on the Flickr page.

    • Thanks, Dale. I don’t know the adress for the flikr account. Can you send it to me?

      • Dale

        I sent you an invitation to join the Flickr group at the e-mail address I have for you from the group mailing. I don’t think just sending you a link would work. Please let me know if the invitation works and if you can see the photos. I am not always certain about how sending out links to Flickr pages will work.

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