Beer Bread


Monday again.  The start of another week.  But this week marks the end of February.  Can you even believe it?  I feel like time is flying by faster and faster the older I get.  I mean, at this rate I better start getting ready for Christmas again, because it will be here before I [Click to continue…]

Soft Pretzel Bites with Pepper Jack Dipping Sauce


This snack reminds me of college. After a night out, my friends and I would always make a stop to WaWa to pick up subs and snacks to help combat some of the fun we had earlier in the night. WaWa has these delicious Jalapeno Cheese pretzels that I would get every time.

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Triple Chip Cookies


What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie? Easy…a TRIPLE chip cookie!

This brilliant idea was inspired (again!) by my mother-in-law. You see, I was just going to make classic chocolate chip cookies during my Cookie Baking Extravaganza, but Donna (my MIL) started talking about how she used to make these Triple Chip [Click to continue…]

Cranberry Orange Bread


This bread…you guys, this bread is awesome! Pretty please promise me you will make it before cranberries disappear out of the grocery store until next year!

I first made this bread 2 years ago, literally days after Jenna posted it on blog. It may actually have been the same day, since it [Click to continue…]