Maryland Crab Dip


Are you ready for some football?!?! I know I am! Even though my team (the Redskins!) isn’t playing today, I am still looking forward to a great game. I can’t say I’m really routing for either team, but if I had to choose, I suppose I will be supporting the Ravens. They are the [Click to continue…]

Jalapeño Popper Dip


I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to spend some quality time with their dads!

My husband and I had our dads over for a barbecue full of manly, “dadly” food-hamburgers, brats, potato salad and this dip!

I actually think I enjoyed this dip more than anyone else! [Click to continue…]

Cucumber, Feta & Dill Dip

I was inspired to make this dip while going about cutting coupons from the Sunday paper. I saw a coupon/advertisement for this, and was reminded of those fast-food type kabob restaurants. You know, the ones where you can what looks like a piece of poo on rice, but tastes absolutely nothing like that?

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