Cranberry Orange Bread


This bread…you guys, this bread is awesome! Pretty please promise me you will make it before cranberries disappear out of the grocery store until next year!

I first made this bread 2 years ago, literally days after Jenna posted it on blog. It may actually have been the same day, since it [Click to continue…]

Spring Time Fruity Salad

How many colors can you fit into one bowl?

This salad is bursting with flavor. the comibnation of juicy berries, sweet madarin orange segments and creamy goat cheese is out-of-this-world delicious!

Let me introduce you to my favorite dressing. I know some people can’t stand bottled dressings, but this Sweet Vidalia Onion [Click to continue…]

Cranberry Orange Granola

My favorite breakfast is Greek yogurt, some kind of fruit and some kind of cereal/grain mixed together. Often, that cereal is granola. Until this day, I have never made my own granola, opting for the store bought kind for its ease and convenience. Store-bought granola is easy, but sometimes has a questionable ingredient list [Click to continue…]