Peach Basil Mojitos


Today is the last day of Peach Week! I’m kind of sad that it is over! But who can really be sad on a Friday?

Also, if everything goes as planned (I am writing this a day early!) I will officially be a homeowner today! That is right, Chris and I will have [Click to continue…]

Individual Peach Crumbles


This is my favorite recipe of Peach Week! If you are just joining in, this week I decided to share a bunch of peach themed recipes because I picked all the peaches off our backyard peach tree.

Today, we have Individual Peach Crumbles!

Am I the only one who isn’t a [Click to continue…]

Peach Chicken


We are just plowing through Peach Week, huh?!

In case you missed the memo, my backyard peach tree was ready for picking so I had a TON of peaches to use up. Thus, this week, filled with peachy recipes, has been dubbed “Peach Week!”

So far, we have covered breakfast with our Peaches’ N’ [Click to continue…]

Peach Muffins


We are continuing on our peach themed recipes on what I have dubbed “Peach Week!” In case you missed it, I picked all the peaches off our backyard peach tree, so with a surplus of them in hand, I made a bunch of peachy recipes to share with you this week!

On the [Click to continue…]