Two weeks…

is how long ago I last posted!  And it has been a crazy time. 

If you remember, we were drinking Peach Basil Mojitos and celebrating the fact that my husband and I purchased our first house! 

Everything went great with closing, and we immediately started stripping wallpaper from every.single.wall. in the house. 

Then we went out-of-town for the weekend.  Ha.

Since then, we have been working hard on getting the house ready to move in.  It is looking a little something like this:

and this:

Basically, a construction zone.  So, my priorities have been keeping sane and trying to get all the work on the house done.  definitely not cooking, and therefore not blogging.  The meals we have eaten for the past two weeks are mostly convenience foods or things with minimal actual cooking involved.  Certainly nothing blog worthy.  We did eat some Split Pea Soup that I froze back in March when I made it, so that king of counts as a home-cooked meal, right?!

The good news is we are making progress and I hope to get back to regular  cooking (and posting!) soon.

Thanks for the patience! 


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