Watermelon Baby Carriage Fruit Salad

 Holy blogging break, Batman!  That was a very long, unintended absence.  You will be happy to know (at least I am very happy to know) that we officially MOVED IN to our house this past weekend.  While it is still chaos, and there are still boxes everywhere, furniture in crazy formations, work to be done and a few missing items (wine cork screw-where are you?) we are IN.

And, of course, the first room I unpacked (with the help of my wonderful aunts-thank you both!) was the kitchen:


It is great, and I can’t wait to really start cooking in there.  Since I basically missed half of the summer, you can expect to see a lot of autumn recipes start popping around here.  And since I didn’t start those on September 1st, in the blogging world, I am late to the game. 

DSC_0709 (1024x957)

I did want to share one great thing that I was able to help create this summer.  In the midst of all the madness, I took a short break to head up to New York for my friend Christine’s baby shower.  Today is also Christine’s 30th Birthday, so a big, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

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These are my college roomies, Janelle and Christine , and me.  I love these girls and it is always a great time when we can get together (they both live in NY, so we don’t get to see each other as often as I would like). 

Janelle came across a great idea to make a baby carriage out of a watermelon and use it to serve fruit salad.  We thought it was such a cute idea, so we decided to make one for Christine’s shower. 

DSC_0686 (1024x681)

To start, take the biggest watermelon you can find.  The bigger the melon, the more fruit salad it will hold!  Wash and dry the out side of the watermelon.  Find the flattest part of the watermelon, and use that as the bottom.  You can slice off a very thin section of the bottom to help your watermelon sit flat and not roll around.

 DSC_0687 (1024x681)

Draw some guidelines to follow when you are cutting the melon.  You are going to cut out the top quarter of the melon.

 DSC_0688 (1024x681)

Grab a large knife and cut into the watermelon along the guidelines that you drew.  Try to leave this piece whole, or mostly in tact, since we will use it later to create the handle.  

 DSC_0689 (1024x681)

Remove the section, and scoop out all the watermelon inside.  Scoop out just until you begin to get to the white part of the rind, as you don’t want the sides to be too thin. 

DSC_0696 (1024x681)

Save all the watermelon and add it to your fruit salad!

 DSC_0693 (1024x681) DSC_0695 (1024x681)

Using a small paring knife, cut a zig-zag pattern around the top opening of the watermelon.   

DSC_0698 (1024x681)

Continue on until you reach the sides. 

DSC_0699 (1024x681)


DSC_0700 (1024x681)

Scoop the watermelon flesh from the piece that you removed from the watermelon at the beginning.  Cut it into a square-ish handle like shape (how do you like that description!?) 

DSC_0701 (1024x681) DSC_0702 (1024x681)

Slice an orange into thick slices across the fruit (so the membranes between the sections look like spokes in the wheel).  Skewer a grape onto a tooth pick, then the orange slice.  Stick the other end of the tooth pick into the watermelon to secure it.  Repeat this 4 times all the way around the carriage. 

Fill the watermelon with your fruit salad and finally, attach the handle with two more toothpicks.  

DSC_0955 (1024x681)

 We were very proud of our creation! 

DSC_0976 (1024x681)

Happy Birthday, Christine!  And happy baby shower!

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